Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the next video?
You must correctly answer all the questions in the video.
How do I access the course?
First you have to register and activate your account by clicking the link that will be sent to the email with which you registered.
When can I receive the certificate?
Only after you have correctly answered all the questions
I can continue to take the course at any time?
You can take the course at any time and repeat as many times as you like.
Is it free?
Our course is completely free. If you think that our work is important you can support our activites through a donation. Also you can get the SafeFood4Children package through a donation.
For what purpose we need your feedback?
Your opinion is important to us and get a positive or negative feedback helps us to improve our work.
I have a company and I want to enroll my employees, I have a limit?
You can subscribe to our course how many employees you want, even after the initial subscription .
I have a company, when do I receive the certificate and logo?
When 80% of employees who have registered, will have completed the course successfully, you can download the certificate and receive the package including posters, stickers and information material.